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Our various programs makes your effective workplace complete. Do you miss any programs? Contact us for all the options.


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All the programs you need to create an effective workplace. Together we will find the best fit for your company.

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Remote management and monitoring software

It can be very hard to keep track of all issues regarding your laptop or computer. Remote management and monitoring software (RMM) enables us to monitor your laptop or computer and keep track of issues with your laptop or computer. The software notifies when a problem arises, which means problems can be found early on. We will inform you of the issue and act accordingly. Furthermore, it enables remote support. Issues like inactive antivirus or firewall, updates, installing new software and usage of memory or energy can be solved easily.

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Workplace software programs

Each employee needs a different set of various programs in order to work efficiently. The needs can differ per role and even per employee. Buy the right programs for all your end users and create the best user experience. Due to our huge assortment, you are easily able to find the right programs for all your employee segments. We combined several programs into a package for you. These packages include all the software that you need for your workplace. However, it is also possible to choose the programs on your own and to create your own software package.

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Security and antivirus software

The online behaviour of your employees can easily breach the security of your company. Danger is always lurking around and the results of a breach can have huge consequences. It can endanger the continuance, reputation or client relationships of your company. Therefore, a maximum security for your company and your workplaces is of great importance. With security measures like multifactor authentication, WEBROOT and Datto RMM you minimize the risk of a cyberattack and make sure that your employees can work safely online.

Application management

Is a new hire starting? With Autopilot the laptop or computer will be immediately ready to use. This will result in an easy, quick and smooth onboarding. Autopilot in combination with Intune allows us to set up your laptop or computer with the required settings and apps. For example, you can choose to automatically save personal folders in OneDrive and encrypt the disk.

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Virtual desktop management

Do you offer flexible workplaces? Some employees need certain programs for their work. Installing these programs on all the workplaces they use takes a lot of time. A virtual desktop allows employees to work anywhere in your office with access to all needed software and files. They only need to log into their account and can virtually access their personal desktop. This enables your employee to work at any workplace within your office.

All software to create an effective workplace

Our software packages include all you need for an outstanding user experience. Others have bought our software for several benefits.

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Settings based on your requirements

Software will be set up based on your requirements for a fast and smooth onboarding.

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Flexible license management

Easily scale up or down the licenses, so your employees are always able to use the right programs.

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Programs that fit your needs

Tell us your needs and we will find the software that fit you and your company’s needs.