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On demand it resources available at your offices

With the EDSAS warehouse, your employee will be working in no time. Always equipment available, no delays.




  • HP
  • Office 365
  • Samsung
  • Iiyama
  • Webroot
  • Jabra
  • Apple
  • Lenovo
  • Dell


No more worries about setting up the workplace. We will arrange it for you.

boxes on a handtruck

Storage management

We can manage your storage and make sure the supply is ready in time. If a new hire starts on short notice, the required hardware will be available within one day. On this way, your new employee will be working in no time, without any delay. Your equipment is stored at a highly secured and certified warehouse. We can easily scale up or down the storage, so that you will always have enough hardware available.
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You have to arrange a lot of things in order to get the hardware on the right location. We unburden you in this process and make sure that your shipment is arranged. We will not encounter any delays due to custom issues. Once you have given the order, we will send the equipment to the desired location. Do you want the equipment at the office or your home office? It is your choice. Due to our European location, the equipment will be delivered very quickly. 

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When hardware is no longer needed, you can easily return it to our office. Depending on your choice, the returned equipment will be either stored at your own highly secured and certified warehouse or can be resold. If you choose to store the equipment again, then we will make the equipment ready for future employees. We will prepare the returned hardware, so the device can be used again. We will delete all content, give it maintenance and configure the device when it is needed for another employee. We will take care of the whole process, whether you choose to resell or store it. 

Why choose for an EDSAS warehouse?

Our fully arranged warehouse gives you various benefits.

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Always equipment available

You will never run out of equipment, as your storage will be filled with new equipment in time.

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Quick delivery

Order today, arrival tomorrow. Your equipment will be delivered quickly and your office will be up and running in no time.

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Exclusive hardware deals

We unburden you by arranging the purchase via our sharp contracts with various suppliers.