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Workplace set

Create an effective workplace with the right equipment

  • HP
  • Iiyama
  • Webroot
  • Jabra
  • Lenovo
  • Dell

Qualitative headsets

New hire

Signing the contract is only the beginning for your new hire. It takes a lot of arrangements, such as setting up their workplace. We got all equipment you need for your new hire. Make sure that your new hire has the right equipment in order to create an effective workplace. With our fast shipment, your workplace will be ready in no time.

Workplace services EDSAS Telecom & ICT B.V.

Workplace services

It can be challenging to choose the right equipment for a new hire. We try to make this choice as easy as possible with our workplace services. With our standard workplace set you got everything you need to assemble your workplace. All workplace sets include the most common combinations. However, it is also possible to assemble your own workplace set. With the right equipment your new hire will have a smooth and easy onboarding process.

Support EDSAS IT Support Europe


Starting a new job is exciting, yet stressful. The onboarding experience needs to be easy and smooth. Your new hire only needs to log into his/her account and can immediately start working. Seems ideal right? With autopilot we automatically set up the equipment based on the role and the wishes of your new hire and business. We understand that many questions may arrive during the onboarding and the days after. Your new hire can call EDSAS IT Support Europe with any questions or problems during their onboarding.

Benefits of workplace sets via EDSAS

Take advantage of the varied benefits of workplace sets.

Optimized for your employee

Create a workplace that is optimized for your employee.

Set up the hardware based on requirements

Ready to use

Log into your account and immediately start working.

Smooth onboarding

Easy and smooth onboarding process for your new hires.