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Stop threats in realtime with the Webroot software. Webroot uses the cloud and machine learning to make realtime predictions about cyberattacks. The software offers multivector protection against those attacks. So no matter what method they use, Webroot will protect your computer or other equipment against it. Webroot is easy to use with other security software and makes a scan of your hardware in no time.

Datto RMM

It can be hard to keep track of all problems regarding your hardware. Datto RMM monitors can monitor various devices. Therefore, you can easily keep track of problems of various devices. This can be helpful for, for example, finding threats early on. The software sends a notification when your hardware is infected with a virus or when suspicious activities arise. Keep your company safe and install Datto RMM on all your employees’ computers.

Firewall EDSAS IT Support Europe


Nowadays, there are more and more threats for your company. One big threat is a cyberattack. Give your network extra protection against a cyberattack with a firewall. A firewall is a device that keeps your network secure. This device filters incoming and outgoing data traffic of the internet. A firewall stops viruses, malware and hackers to enter your network.

VPN EDSAS IT Support Europe


Is working at home or hybrid common at your company? Make sure that your employees use a secure network in order to minimize the risk of a cyberattack. With a VPN your employee can log in at your company’s network. This allows employees to log into certain systems where they normally can’t log in when they are at home. You only have to connect the VPN with your own network to give your employee the possibility to log in at home.

Intune EDSAS IT Support Europe


How often do you install updates on your hardware? Make sure that your hardware has the latest updates. If not, your hardware becomes a weak spot for hackers. However, we do understand that you can easily forget your updates. And how do you keep track of all your employees’ hardware? Do they install all the updates? Intune helps you to automatically install all your updates. Therefore, you do not have to keep track of the latest updates.

Back-up services

There are various ways for you to lose important files and data. With regular back-up services, you make sure that you can easily recover those files and data. We will automatically make a copy of your data from all you Microsoft 365 applications and other files. In this way, you will always have the most recent version of your file on hand.

Back-up services EDSAS IT Support Europe
Multifactor authentication EDSAS IT Support Europe

Multifactor authentication

Cyberattacks form a huge threat for companies. If hackers get access to your password and account, they get access to a lot of sensitive information and data. Hackers can leak your documents, alter them or even delete them. And these are just few examples of the horrible consequences. Improve your security by preventing such situations with multifactor authentication (MFA) on all the accounts of your employees. Our IT experts will install MFA on all accounts for you.

24/7 support for calamities

Technical problems can result in money loss. Therefore, it is important that these problems are solved quickly. You can contact our servicedesk 24/7 for any technical problems. This means that you can always contact us when you experience problems with your hardware or software. Our team of professionals can solve most problems remotely. Problems are solved quickly and without even being on location.

High quality headsets

Benefits of security via EDSAS

Your employees are your greatest weakness. Make your employees aware of the threats online. We can learn your employees all the ins and outs about online security.

24/7 support

No worries about IT, you can always reach us for your problems.


Easily scale up or down the amount of security software licenses.

Programs that fit your needs

Together with you, we will search for the programs that fit your company.