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Work effectively with our high quality equipment

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With the right monitor, you will create an effective work setting. Every employee differs and every employee may prefer a different monitor. In our range of monitors you will surely find the right fit for your employee. With monitor with two screens you can easily switch between programs and documents. A curved monitor gives you a broad view and is good for your eyes. However, you can also go simple and choose a monitor with one screen.

High quality monitors EDSAS IT Support Europe
Keyboards EDSAS IT Support Europe


Whether you need a wireless keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard or just a standard keyboard, we got it in our assortment. Therefore, you can always find the right fit for your employee. We offer keyboards from various brands. Is your keyboard not part of our assortment? We will do everything in our power to make it happen or find another right fit for you.

Ergonomic mouse


Did you know there are various mouses available for your workplace?  A wireless mouse, cabled mouse or ergonomic mouse. Choose the mouse that fits the employee. With a wireless mouse, you can easily move around. An ergonomic mouse gives the user a natural feeling, as it is made to fit comfortably in the hand. Furthermore, it makes sure that your employee has the right posture. We will make sure that you choose the mouse that matches your employee.


Do your employees need to call often? Then you may want to look into a headset that can be connected to your telephone. Is your employee not at their workplace at the moment? No problem at all! Your employee can pick up the phone with our wireless headset. However, it is also possible to pick a headset that is connected by cable.

Qualitative headsets


Make sure that your employees are reachable with high quality telephony equipment. We offer office phones, which you can set up at your employee’s workplace. With the telephone handset, you can easily take the telephone with you and pick up the phone when you aren’t at your workplace. You can also complete your conference room with a conference phone. A conference phone offers you the best sound during your conference call.

High quality telephones for your office
High quality mobile phones for your employees

Mobile phones

Is your employee often out of office? And is it important that you can reach your employee at all times? With a mobile phone you make sure that you, and external partners, can always reach your employee. Your mobile phone will be set up with the preferred settings and is therefore immediately ready to use. We understand that you can encounter issues with your mobile device as well. Therefore, we offer support for all mobile devices.

Benefits of hardware set via EDSAS

Our varied assortment brings various benefits.

quick delivery EDSAS IT Support Europe

Quick delivery

Our products will arrive in no time. Order today, set up your office tomorrow.

Set up the hardware based on requirements

Ready to use

Set up your office and immediately make use of your hardware.

High quality products EDSAS IT Support Europe

High quality

Working effectively requires high quality equipment. Choose hardware from our varied assortment.