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  • Equipment EDSAS IT Support Europe


    Full workplace delivery

    Fast onboarding for new hires due to workplace services: high quality and ready to use equipment. Find the right hardware for your company.

  • Software EDSAS IT Support Europe


    All the software you want

    In order to create the best end user experience, you need to monitor workplace health. Select all the programs you need to create an effective workplace and ensure maximum workplace security. With our license management, you can easily scale up or down.

  • Warehouse EDSAS IT Support Europe


    Always equipment available

    Never run out of equipment with outstanding asset management. We keep track of your stock and quickly deliver hardware to all (home) offices in Europe. Send broken hardware for maintenance and receive a replacement from your own stock.

  • On-site and remote support


    remote and local support

    No more worries about IT problems with various levels of support based on the difficulty of the problem. Create an outstanding onboarding experience with local support and end user support. Or choose for VIP support for 24/7 support. Quick response time and solutions in no time.

  • inside at EDSAS


    all-in-one IT support Europe

    Are you considering potential opportunities? Expanding to a new market and opening a new site acquires a lot of arrangements, especially with new hires. Get the best user experience with a whole IT package: from IT support, to managing your warehouse and workplace services.

  • HP
  • Office 365
  • Samsung
  • Iiyama
  • Webroot
  • Jabra
  • Apple
  • Lenovo
  • Dell

Your Advantages

Are you expanding to new markets in Europe? Working with EDSAS IT has several perks:

Order today, shipment tomorrow

No worries about customs issues during shipments. Due to our location in Europe, your stored hardware at our warehouse will be available at your office within a day. This allows an easy, smooth and quick onboarding.

Reduce costs

Your costs will be much lower with us as your IT partner. Actually, it is much more expensive to hire local IT personnel. Furthermore, the costs are predictable, so you always know what to expect.

All-in-one solutions

Whether you need hardware, software, support or anything else regarding IT, we will arrange it for you. Is anything missing in our product range? We will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Support during workinghours

Since we are located in Europe as well, we can easily help your expanded business in Europe by supporting your employees during working hours. Your employees can easily contact us and due to our fast response time, problems will be solved quickly.

Customized solutions

Every client is unique. Therefore, solutions have to be unique as well. During a consultation, we will figure out your needs and wants.

Easily scale up or down

Our service can easily be adapted to the situation of your company. We will prepare everything in no time if you are expanding. Furthermore, you are not tied to contracts and obligations.

Exclusive hardware deals

Due to our sharp contracts with various suppliers, we are able to get the best deals on hardware and software. In this way, all our customers are taking advantage of our high purchase quantity.

24/7 support

Your European employees can always contact us for problems, despite the time. Due to our up to date knowledge of innovation, problems will be solved quickly.

Years of experience

Your problems can be solved quickly, because EDSAS IT works with professionals who have years and years of experience. You can tap into the specific knowledge, skills and experience of our specialists.

Respond to local needs

We are taking into account all local IT differences and needs of your European employees. For instance, many different keyboards are used within Europe.